Information’s about Benefits of Big Data Using & Analytics in Business


Benefits of big data – The term of Big Data getting increase that used almost in this planet where online and offline as well. And this is not only related with computer.

It derived from under term that called as Information Technology which becomes parts of almost all of technologies and fields that related with the study and business.

So the term of “Big Data” had launched the veritable process of personnel, process, and technology which supply what come appears then to be exploding things in new fields.

The huge companies, such as Amazon, Walmart as well as the big organizations, such as: US Government and NASA was using Big Data to fulfill their business need or for strategic objectives as well.

However, Big Data was able to use for small or medium size companies and organization which recognize any possibilities to capitalize the gain.

So, what is the Big Data?

Managing Big Data

The data which lying on your server company were getting sorted and filed.

Suddenly, the Big Data become popular and now the data in your company was Big Data, the term, was covering every part of data in your organization that had stored until now.

This is covering the data that stored in your cloud or even in your URL which you bookmarked. But now, all of the digitals, paper structured or non structured data in your company was now a Big Data.

For short, all of the data were not categorized will present in your server collectively that called as the big data, all of these data’s can be used for different performance using different type of analysis, the different analysis of Big Data to produce the result and prediction that they needed.

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Big Data was essentially the data which you analyze for the result which you able to use to get prediction and other uses as well.

If you use the term of big data, suddenly your company or organization was work with the top level from Information Technology to summaries the different typed of result while using the same date which you stored in unintentionally or intentionally during some years. In other words, Big Data was your data.

This is containing of all information’s which owned by your company that obtained and processed through new technique to produce the value in the best way.

What can make Big Data more unique?

The companies had worked during some decades to create the best use of information in order to increase their business ability. However, that is structure ad size of big data that make it so unique as well.

Big Data also special because it represent both of significance information which able to open a new doors then the way of this information’s were analyzed to help open that doors.

The analysis will rung with handful of information, so that in this term of data was able to represent as a noun and a verb to find the value.

How big was Big Data?

Essentially, all of the data that combined was Big Data, however, some researchers agree that Big Data was unable to be manipulated using the normal spreedsheet and regular equipment for database management.

As mentioned before that they need special analysis such as Hadoop so all of data could be analyzed only in one go. So, no matter big of small, whether organized or unorganized was Big Data for that organization and they able to choose their own tool to analyze the data.

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Hadopp was the software which most commonly related with Big Data. Hadoop was also assosiate something that is and something that dies, for more specific, the data storage and data processing.

Both of them were distributed to increase the efficient and result, Hadoop was open source and they were variant which had produced by some different vendors, such as: Amazon, Hortonworks, Cloudera and MapR.

Usually, to analyze the data, peoples used to make different data set based on one or more common fields so that the analysis process was easier.

In Big Data, you do not need to make subset to analuse it.

But you should note that volume and analysis were important part of bid data.

There are Big Data concepts (Vs):

–       Volume

–       Velocity, and

–       Variety

However, other experts also adding some Vs with concept of:

–       Visualization

–       Variability

–       Veracity or reability

–       Value

Example of Big Data had been used

In year 2002, Wall Street Journal had made article and explain about Netflix used the Big Data to build their online streaming service.

They are able to analyse the traffic details for many devices, spotting the problem areas and adding the network throughput to help preparing the future demand.

Netflix also getting the higher insight for the type of content those customers had preffered, this allow them to make more suggestion accurately as knowing what subscriber may like.

The information pots that generated by human had been hot in these days.

They are able to generate more content than before, but for some cases it would lead for more questions and fewer answer.

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This is make sense that all of these contests was try to hear what someone was whispering in your back and know what they meant.

All of the deeper need exist in order to structure the data then find the opportunities.

These days, had been a lot of invention in Information Technology that make everything seems possible and getting easier.

In the case of Big Data, there are strong perceptions from the need for data analysis as well as their benefits which could bring and methods to reach success.

Big Data will bring you something more practice and easier for you data analysis need. You are able to find several sources which related with Big Data for further knowledge.

The interpretation of Big Data was able to bring insights which may not visible directly or may be possible to find the traditional method.

This process will focus on the hidden threads, or the pattern which might invisible then this Big Data comes with skill to analyze the flow from materials.

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