Big Data Analytics, the Future Technology Trend Potential for Business

Big Data Analytics – Today, Big Data is happening used as the future technology trend. What is actually big data? What are the benefits? Who have used big data? What are some interesting things about Big Data? It seems to be important to discuss about it.

It is a new technology launched in the market to gain its benefits and functions for handling some data.

What Is Big Data Analytics?

What Is Big Data?

Big data is the latest technology in information technology field in which it enables a process of processing, saving, and analyzing data in some formats. This is also useful to handle data in big amount and additional data quickly.

The managing and analyzing data in a very big amount require time relatively short by using Big Data depending on the previous data technology, like relational database.

That is why the use of big data technology helpful to finish data result quickly. Big Data is often said as big volume data both structured and unstructured data. It has been used for many businesses.

It doesn’t take how big data being a major point but it needs to do an organization with the data. It can be analyzed for knowledge directing to a decision taker for better business strategies.

Concepts of Big Data Analytics

Concepts of Big Data

The term of Big Data is still new and often called as a data collection action and big information storage for analysis. The phenomenon of Big Data was started in 2000s when an industrial data analyst found it. It consists of three important parts.


Organization can gather data from some sources including business transaction, social media, and information from censor or engine. In the past, such activity can be a problem. But, with the latest technology, that can be overcome.


The flow of data must be handled properly and accurately. It can be through both hardware and software. Hardware technology like RFID tag, and smart censors is needed to carry out the real – time data.


Gathered data have different formats. It includes structured data, numeric data in traditional database, document data, text data, email, audio, video, and many more.

Those are able to manage almost all data in the field of business. Those are three important parts of working principles of Big Data. There are several additional concepts.


In addition to regard the speed of data collection, data flow is sometimes is inconsistent in a certain period. One of the examples is a happening trend in social media.

The period can be daily, monthly, or even annually influenced by immediate events. The burden of top data can beat to do Big Data Analytics with structured data.


Today, data comes from some sources so that it is fairly difficult to connect, match, remove, and change data in all systems. But, it is much required to have a correlation between data, hierarchy, and some relationships of data.

Potential of Big Data Analytics

Potential of Big Data

A number of data made and kept in today’s global level are unbelievable. The data is getting growing and increasing rapidly. It means that Big Data has high potential to gather key knowledge from business information.

Unfortunately, today, there is few data that have been analyzed. Big Data in business become a better strategy in managing raw information to be benefits to the business every data.

Benefits of Big Data Analytics

The use of Big Data is surely due to some reasons. If it is unimportant, surely many people and businessmen won’t use it. The importance of Big Data is very obvious in which it is not related a number of data owned by organization or side.

But, the important point is how to manage internal and external data.

You may take data from any sources and analyze to find the desirable answers in business. Those are cost decrease, time reduces, developing new products and optimizing product offers, and taking smart decision.

When a side is able to combine the big data had by optimum analysis, organization is finishing duties related to some business fields.

The fields include determining a base factor of failure related to every business problem, and producing information related to an important selling spot based on the customer behavior.

It also takes some fields like recalculating all risks in a short time and detecting deceit habits influencing organization or side. 

What Is Big Data Analytics?

What Is Big Data Analytics?

To handle all data, it is possibly taking Big Data Analytics. The data analysis is accurately managing the data and classifying it. To understand the definition of big data, it is not separated from the definition of that analysis.

Big Data is a term to reflect big data set both structured, semi structured and unstructured data. You may understand it by the 3V explanation. Those are volume meaning data set kept in a huge number, velocity meaning a need to access big data set quickly, and variety as a format data getting varied today.

Data analysis is a process of studying data to know the hidden pattern, unknown correlation, and the other useful information. Big Data Analytics is a studying process, managing big data set to recognize hidden pattern, market trend, customer preference, and the other business information.

Why Is Big Data Analytics Important?

Why Is Big Data Analytics Important?

Big Data Analytics certainly has some benefits for business and organization. Is it right? If it has no feedback and advantages, there will be no people using it.

Analysis of Big Data helps an organization to explore data and use it to identify new chances in business. In turns, it causes business moving smartly and quickly because it is supported by efficient operational system finally gaining profits and high income.

There are some benefits of Big Data Analytics. Firstly, it is cost saving. A technology of Big Data Analytics based on cloud brings cost reduce significantly in the matter of saving data set in a big number.

It is able to identify more efficient in running a business. It is better and faster to take a decision with high speed of Big Data. It produces new products and services with necessity measure and satisfaction of customers.

When you have very big data with the data total in terabytes, you may use Big Data to process it. This is accurate and fast to calculate and manage the data.

Though it is still new in the business market, credibility and reliability of Big Data cannot be underestimated. It is amazingly handling your work shortly and quickly.

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